Mens Haircuts in Houston Area

Best Places To Get Men’s Haircuts In Houston, Tx

When you ask around about what people think defines a man. You will be surprised by the answers you will receive. Some people say that a man is defined by his shoes others will say that a man is defined by his watch. However, these answers are not wrong but they are also not correct. A man cannot be defined by a single element but rather a collection of different elements. One of these elements is a haircut.

For a man, a hair cut is not just a hair cut. A haircut always has a deeper meaning or is a message that the guy wants to pass along to everyone they come across. That is why it is always wise to consider where to get the perfect men’s haircut. It is always wise to opt for a place where you will receive the hair cut that you desire. A man’s hair cut will tell you a lot about the personality as well as the character of the man in question.

Here are some of the most popular places to get men’s haircuts in Houston, TX:

The Boardroom Salon for men

Tony’s Salon

– Sport Clips- Heights

However, the big question is, with the numerous places to get a haircut in Houston, Tx, how do you identify a place that will suit you best? Here are tips to guide you in identifying the best barber shop in town.

1. Ask around – Ask friends or co-workers who always seem to have the perfect haircut. Chance are that they always have an amazing barber.

2. Search online – the internet can be a great source of relevant information. Check out what the web has to offer. You could always go through the social media and check out the most trending and the most popular places to get a man’s haircut.

3. Visit the shop and look for confidence – you must be able to trust the person you are going to take care of your haircut. The barber must be confident in his abilities and one who has experience in the field.

4. The shop’s cleanliness – The first impression is always very important. If a mere look at the shop makes your itch, turn back and forget about that shop. Cleanliness should always be the priority.

Every man should enjoy the luxurious and pampering experience of a great barber shop. This article is aimed at helping you find the best places in Houston, TX to get a men’s haircut.

Top North Texas SEO Experts

Increasing the rankings in google or bing is a must when it comes to getting more customers to your website. Over 40% of all searches for a keyword will go to the number one rank in SERPs.  This is why it’s imperative to have the best seo guru’s working for you to get the results you need for your business.


Top Box Seach Engine Marketing use’s a 3 method system for getting their clients the results they are looking for. The system involves

  • Detailed Keyword Research
  • Advanced Competition Analysis
  • Strategic Back Linking Strategy

Before even starting the keyword research. Search engine experts ask thorough questions to get a basic understanding what the clients goals are. Understanding their goals allows specialist identify a proper keyword strategy to put in place. Going after highly competitive keywords can exhaust one’s resources quickly. Best approach, experts to say…is to go after low hanging fruit. For example- Instead of gathering a two or 3 high competition keywords that total 2000 searches per month. Take 5-10 keywords with low to medium competition rank #1 for them. Total up the small level keywords to where it is a total 2000 searches per month just like the latter. This strategy will keep the SEO’s resources used conservative and not having them spread too thin.

Top Box increases it’s client’s chances of success by using advanced analytics on it’s competition by making sure it is out working the competitor. Tools like majestic seo and moz allow the expert to look at the profiles of the competitor’s websites. Getting a detailed report of how many back-links the competitors have and also knowing the Page authority and Domain Authority. Which will give them an idea of challenges the company will have when trying to pass them in the rankings.

Identifying the rankings and their back link profiles gives TOP BOX SEO EXPERTS a plan in place to start building an effective back link strategy to start boosting their Dallas and Plano clients position. Some of the back linking strategies are kept proprietary so that other agencies can’t reverse engineer their process. What can be shared though is an effective back linking strategy although; time consuming can be very successful with proper planning.

The Sky Scraper Technique

There are 3 basic steps to The Skyscraper Technique:

Step 1: Finding link-worthy content

Step 2: Making the content even better

Step 3: Reaching out to the right people

This is why the technique works so well: (Why it’s named the skyscraper)

Everyone know’s when you walk up to a huge skyscraper the first thing you wounder

“Wow, that’s amazing! I wonder how big the 8th tallest building in the world is.”

Of course not.

It’s human nature to be attracted to the best.

And what you’re doing here is finding the tallest “skyscraper” in your space…and slapping 20 stories to the top of it.

Now you have content that links to something everyone is wanting to know about.

You can read more about the skyscraper technique here

Search Engine experts will continue to test the best methods for getting the most effective results, in turn getting a higher return on a companies website.


Increase Rankings With Social Sharing

Social media is the rave when it’s comes to increasing your ranking in the search engines this year. What does that mean? It means… start getting your websites talked about on social media channels like facebook, twitter, tumblr. Social exposure is becoming a major factor in your rankings now that engines like google and bing are looking at how having social links are showing value it what kind of content is being provided on the web these days.

Now that having these links is a factor in your seo success. It’s important to get the word across the web using the power of twitter and facebook. One of the best methods for facebook is sharing good quality content that links back to your website from your facebook profile. The more people who get your content shared the more its getting talked about. This is HUGE in the eyes of search engines right now as they look at the content being shared and see it’s trust going up in value.

Twitter can use the same strategy as well. Making quality tweets about things going on within the company. Again having it back link out to your company website. This creates more social exposure around the internet increasing trust and value for your website. Thus in turn helping your rankings in google. Remember the main factor that takes into account is back links which shows in the eyes of Google that your website is a trustworthy.

Trustworthy equals higher ranking in the eyes of Google. So go out and start spreading the word through social media getting thousands of people to share your content. When people are sharing good hi-quality content its win win for you, your business and last but not least the search engines. Which is the main reasons for us SEO’s. Provide good quality content with safe relevant back links and now getting your content sharing through social media channels across the web.


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